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I offer therapy to individuals who may be experiencing a wide range of emotional issues, such as low mood, depression, anxiety, life transitions, losses/grief, chronic pain, challenges meeting health and wellness goals, stressful life events or trauma, relationship issues and/or a general desire for personal and professional growth and development.


In addition to incorporating yoga into the therapy session, I offer private and group yoga lessons and also teach several classes in the community. Research has shown that yoga is an effective complementary intervention for both mental health and physical conditions. Please access my “yoga classes” page to learn about current community offerings.

psychotherapeutic yoga

Incorporating yoga into the therapy session is effective in regulating mood by reducing stress and anxiety, improving symptoms of depression and increasing awareness of unhelpful patterns, so that effective and lasting change can occur. Psychotherapeutic yoga (PY) can be incorporated into your regularly scheduled psychotherapy visit and takes the form of gentle yoga postures and movement, breathing exercises, and guided meditations/relaxations. I specifically tailor PY to meet the needs of each and every client.

Mindful Wedding Planning

Are you currently engaged and planning a wedding? Are you finding the transition of being engaged and/or logistics of planning a wedding overwhelming and stressful? Through the therapeutic process, I will help guide you to a place where mindful wedding planning can occur. Learn more about mindful wedding planning here.