Here we are! Curiosity Counseling’s first book club discussion. This month we are discussing The Untethered Soul By Michael A. Singer. Feel free to post any of your thoughts, comments, and/or questions! I’ll start, but feel free to take the conversation in any direction you wish!

“It’s the commotion the mind makes about life that really causes problems” (p. 10).

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep. My mind was racing at lightning quick speed. This quote by Singer was definitely ringing true for me as I was tossing and turning, cursing my mind.  My “inner roommate” was having a grand old time, talking incessantly, most of it nonsense. My inner roommate wanted nothing to do with breathing exercises to promote relaxation. It just wanted to keep talking….and talking…and talking.

Sometimes when we slow down and distractions are minimal, like when we’re trying to fall asleep or meditate, we notice how active our minds really are. And that commotion was definitely creating some issues for me last night.

Freedom (or at least a little distance) from our inner roommate sounds lovely doesn’t it? Singer says, “No matter what the voice is saying, it’s all the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s saying nice things or mean things, worldly things or spiritual things. It doesn’t matter because it’s all still a voice talking inside your head. In fact, the only way to get your distance from this voice is to stop differentiating what it’s saying” (p. 9).

This really resonated with me. We often hear about how positive self-talk is a crucial strategy in building self-esteem and coping with symptoms of depression. As a therapist (and human), I have realized that positive self-talk can help, but it is usually not enough and only goes so far. Positive self-talk is still that voice in our head, and we know how quickly that voice can change.  Also, as Singer explained later on in the book, all thoughts and emotions require energy. Depression is really good at latching onto negative self-talk. It is also really good at making us feel like we have zero energy. Not a great combo when we’re trying to change our thinking patterns. This is where meditation and somatic therapies are helpful, because we get out of our head and into our bodies.

What’d everyone think?!!