psychotherapy & yoga

Approaching life with curiosity, as opposed to judgment, opens ourselves to opportunities we may not have thought possible. Are you experiencing mood related issues, such as depression, anxiety, challenges coping with past traumatic experiences, issues with your relationships, and/or grief?  Are you hoping to increase overall health and wellness and grow personally and professionally? As your therapist, I support you in exploring these areas of your life by helping you connect with your inner curiosity, creativity, self-compassion and courage, so that you can begin to unravel your true self from unhelpful patterns. From this place of self-compassion and curiosity, is where effective and lasting transformation begins.

Welcome. Finding a therapist can be a confusing and daunting process. There are many different styles of therapy, but if you’re interested in a holistic approach, one that values the mind-body connection you’re in the right spot. As a certified yoga instructor, I offer a unique therapy approach called psychotherapeutic yoga. We cannot separate our mind from our body in everyday life, so why try to do so in therapy? Through yoga and mindfulness we allow the mind-body union to offer information which can promote healing, growth and well-being.

I am currently accepting new clients and am conveniently located in the downtown Burlington area. Please call 1-802-343-0126 or email me for a free 20 minute consultation.