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psychotherapy & yoga

Approaching life with curiosity, as opposed to judgement, opens ourselves to opportunities we may not have thought possible. As your therapist and/or yoga teacher, I will support you in reconnecting with your curiosity, so you can approach and explore your inner world without judgement. With a greater sense of compassion toward yourself and more understanding, you will become more aware of what will create your happiest and healthiest life.

Thank you for checking out my site. I am a rostered psychotherapist and certified yoga instructor, offering individual psychotherapy to adolescents and adults. I take a variety of approaches in my work as a therapist, but what I have found to be most helpful is incorporating yoga into the therapy session. This can look different from client to client, but there are three main ways to incorporate yoga.

Firstly, incorporating yoga postures. This is helpful in helping tap into inner resources such as creativity, self-compassion, curiosity and courage. This approach can also facilitate compassionate exploration into difficult emotional experiences such as depression, anxiety, grief, challenges coping with past traumatic experience, and interpersonal relationship issues.

The second way to incorporate yoga into the therapy session is by utilizing breathing exercises. This is an effective tool in helping cope with state of depression and anxiety. What this does is activates the central nervous in the way we need it at the time. If we are in an anxious or high stress state this can help calm us. If we are in a depressed state, breathing exercises can help lightly energize us.

Lastly, incorporating guided meditation and mindfulness in the therapy session helps quiet unhelpful mind chatter that can often be overwhelming and a barrier to our true wisdom.

If you feel that this approach could help you in moving through unhelpful and habitual patterns that have cropped up, find ways to cope with depression and/or anxiety, or look at your inner experiences in a more compassionate and curious way, please let me know. I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

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